Climb My Mountain

A Musical


Climb My Mountain

(The Ring From the Gum Machine)

A New Musical

(Currently In Development)

Book By
Mike Reardon

Music & Lyrics By:
Tommy Wrinn & Mike Reardon

A fresh, new Musical currently in development with elements of Spring Awakening, Rent, Grease and Our Town. Climb My Mountain creates a unique perspective of teen angst and gives hope to the challenges of adolescence … as well as the challenges of adulthood in retrospect. “Is it just me loving you, or are you also loving me?” - Billy singing to Megan,  Song:  No Reply,  Act I,  Scene 9

What It’s All About…

With Temptation lurking throughout his young life, Tommy attempts to navigate the confusing perils of break-ups, budding love, an "evil" teacher and the big test, death, double standards and societal conformity of life while balanced on the threshold between adolescence and young adulthood. Join Tommy's journey along with his cohorts Billy, Einstein and Fred, and their (hopefully) romantic counterparts Angelina, Megan, and Prudence. Can they find lasting joy, retribution, and love; or is this just an idealists’ dream? There is an answer, but an unexpected one discovered during their roller coaster ride through the last few days of High School together in song, laughter, heartache, love, and mountain climbing!

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